Eclipse Reaches out to Apache

As Bjorn and Ward announced on their blog, Eclipse recently extended a sweet invitation to Apache committers to attend EclipseCon. The sweet part of the invitation is that Apache committers can attend the conference for the Eclipse committer price. (If you’re an Apache committer simply go to the EclipseCon site and register as a committer.)

As a committer for both Apache and Eclipse I was personally very happy to see Mike Milinkovich’s invitation sent to the Apacahe committers mailing list that stated,

“As you may know, a number of Eclipse projects implement tools for Apache projects and in turn, many Apache projects are using Eclipse technology.”

This statement shouldn’t surprise those working at either Apache or Eclipse but I think it serves as an official recognition of the growing synergy between two of the most prolific open source communities. Although these two communities do differ their interests continue to align through their various projects.

In his invitation Mike also said,

“We really appreciate the support the Apache community has extend to Eclipse and we look forward to building closer relationships.”

I couldn’t have put it any better. Bravo to the Eclipse foundation for making a real effort to bring these two great communities closer together.


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    Did you get a double discount 😉

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