Eclipse RT Day Toronto

Yesterday was Eclipse RT Day Toronto at the IBM Toronto Lab. For those who missed it, there is quite a lot going on the runtime space. (A number of the presentation slides are available on the Eclipse RT Day page.) My interest is currently in server side equinox. I’ve first started playing with this technology about two years ago and my current product, Rational Insight, recently released v1.0, which includes a server side equinox based component. The runtimes are really coming along nicely and have been stable and usable for some time. For me the big takeaways from the day are:

1. The required ancillary features, like filter support for server side equinox, security, and provisioning have now been or are currently being addressed.
2. Tool support is growing for Eclipse RT.

This one day event was really great. The two tracks kept everyone together for most of the day, there was low overhead for me as this was in Toronto (and where I work no less), and there was only a single day commitment, which is much easier on my schedule than a multi-day conference. Thanks to everyone who came down from Ottawa and other places to present and participate. I hope to see more of these events in the future.


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  1. Ian Skerrett says:


    Great to see you again and I am glad you found the EclipseRT Day useful. Hopefully we can do more in 2010.

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