Mo, Mo, Mo, Movember

It’s time once again for November Movember. Movember is now an annual tradition of otherwise respectable looking (it’s a sliding scale) men making fools of themselves by growing what, in my experience, generally end up as ridiculous mustaches. Of course this isn’t just about having a good time. It is about awareness and raising funds to support research for the number one male cancer, prostate cancer. We all know someone affected by cancer be it a grandpa, dad, son, uncle, brother, grandson, friend, colleague, hero, idol, or other member of the Mozilla, Eclipse and Apache communities. Movember is a very fun and easy way for us all to do something about it.

Last year Movember raised $76.8 million dollars globally. 86% of the funds raised in 2010 went directly to Prostate Cancer Canada programs. Over 1,000,000 people in 10 countries participated by growing a mo. That’s a lot of facial hair in support of cancer research!

I’ll be growing my mo starting Nov. 1. Unlike plants, which as my daughter instructed me recently, required sunlight and water to grow, my mo requires your money. So help my mo grow and help find an answer to prostate cancer by donating now.

Seriously. This is the best way that you can spend the next few minutes. Click on the donate button right now!

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