FSOSS 2011 Wrap-up

FSOSS 2011 (Seneca College’s Free Software and Open Source Symposium) was another great example of the variety of people and projects involved in free and open source software. I was glad to see both Eclipse and Mozilla featured in talks. Here is a quick summary of some of the various happenings at FSOSS 2011.

(Picture courtesy FSOSS2011ADCN)

My XBMC Talk

My talk, Take Control of Your TV with XBMC, as far as I know the first XBMC talk at FSOSS, was well attended and received good feedback. This was also my first time speaking about XBMC. It feels great to give something back to this community from which I’ve drawn so much joy in using the XBMC software. The FSOSS tech guys tell me that the recording will be available in about a month. I’ll post back once it’s ready.


I work in Toronto with Armen and Ehsan but this was the first time that Jeff Griffiths and I met face to face. It was great seeing all of the talks by my fellow Mozillians. Here are links to their slides for your reference.

Mozilla BoF (unconference)

Saturday afternoon Jeff Griffiths, Ehsan Akhgari, and I ran a Mozilla BoF at the FSOSS unconference. The BoF was very well attended (about half of the Saturday conference attendees were there) and featured a number of topics. We discussed some typical issues, like rapid release, the extended support release (ESR) proposal, silent updates, and version numbering. We also talked about Firefox updates in Linux distros and had a great discussion about privacy and your control over your data. While people were very aware of Sync I didn’t gather that many knew about Do Not Track, BrowserID, or Share. Overall, a really great discussion.

Other talks

Other talks that I think were worth highlighting:

  • Raspberry Pi: I was thrilled to see Eben Upton give a Rasberry Pi demo and mention that a number of these boards had already been sent to the XBMC dev team. For $25 I will definitely order one of these to play with when they’re ready. More at http://www.raspberrypi.org/
  • Building a game with Processing.js: Very interesting to see not only what the students at Seneca are capable of (I do need reminders) but also a different approach to classroom education. The game teaches Mendelian genetics. Great job!
  • Drupal vs WordPress smackdown: Just a fun talk by two guys who were clearly out to educate and have a good time. This was a really nice and amazingly light, after lunch talk.

You may also be interested in FSOSS summaries from Armen Zambrano and Jeff Griffiths.


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