Snappy, March 29th

It was a quiet week for Snappy as many of our regulars were off at Layout/DOM/Gfx work week or otherwise engaged. However, progress was still made.

  • Vlad released a new version of about:telemetry that shows full slow SQL data on Nightly builds. (He’s also working on bundling about:telemetry in product.)
  • Vlad also received more super slow start-up data from the metrics team and is continuing his investigation.
  • The profiler add-on can now toggle the Jank/Stackwalking feature.
  • Vlad integrated Benoit’s SPS extension with the Symbolication Server.
  • Vlad wrote a blog post about setting up a local symbolication server.
  • Peptest results from try, mozilla-inbound, and mozilla-central are now being reported to
  • Mark added Peptest documentation to MDN.
  • mccr8 has continued his attack on the CC graph landing patches for bug 736563 and bug 712735 and is working to land even more patches (bug 737075 and bug 740185).
  • Rafael implemented write poisoning, which detects late disk writes that are occurring when we’re trying to shut down.
  • Rafael discovered that xul <query> tags don’t get finalized (the connections remain open) until the last cycle collector run and is working on a patch.
  • Felix continued working to make form history use the asynchronous storage API. Patch is getting close to r+.
  • Progress was made on replacing synchronous favicons calls in the codebase with async calls. Not quite ready to land but moving along.

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