Sign in to Telemetry with Persona

I’m pleased to report some user visible progress from the performance and metrics work week. Sign in to the Telemetry dashboard now uses Persona (aka, BrowserID).

No special permission is required. The Telemetry dashboard is open to all. Don’t have a Persona account? No problem. Click the sign in button to be prompted to create a free account.

This change is now live. You can try it yourself by visiting the Telemetry dashboard at


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3 Responses to Sign in to Telemetry with Persona

  1. davidillsley says:

    Very cool.

    This might be a silly question…

    If it’s open to all, why does it need a log in?

    • I think not such as silly question. A couple of reasons for sign in are:
      1. To be able to handle abuse, to some extent
      2. To provide a better understanding of usage (unique visitors)

  2. As much as I’d like it, I think I’ll skip on it. It’s bad enough that I have to use Persona in one or two other places on the Mozilla infrastructure.

    If I used it everywhere it showed up, I’d have to scroll through several screenfuls of my unique, per-service e-mail aliases every single time I logged into a Mozilla site.

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