Mobile Web Compatibility July 6, 2012

Here’s what’s new in mobile Web compatibility this week.

Mailing list

A compatibility@ mailing list has been set up for discussion of Web compatibility issues. Sign up to stay in touch with the lot of us working on mobile Web compatibility.

Site testing and outreach

PhotoSwipe.JS has been updated to recognize Firefox on Android. (Thanks PhotoSwipe!) Aaron Train will verify the fixes this coming week.

Jason Smith is organizing a mobile Web test event. Preliminary thoughts are to host a local event in the Mozilla Mountain View office where we will review the goals of the mobile Web compatibility effort and get people started on testing mobile sites and communicating issues back to the companies and individuals that run the sites. Jason has posted some ideas on an Etherpad. Let Jason or me know if you’re interested in attending. (This would be a good time to sign up for and post to the new compatibility mailing list.)

In order to support community involvement, Jason has put together a draft of a Testing Top Sites for Mobile Gecko Compatibility guide. We will be refining this guide over the coming week with a goal to publish it before the test event.


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  1. I can’t look at the archives nor find this newsletter on Is it really up?

    • I can confirm that the list is up as I’m already receiving spam that needs to be moderated. I had previously been told that it may take a couple of days for Google to process the archive request. I can’t connect to right now to confirm but will follow up with IT about these issues tomorrow.

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