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Have you ever wanted your wiki page to include an automatically updated countdown of the number of days until some event? Well now you can. I have added a DateCountdown template on that does just this. Using this template you specify a date and the wiki will automatically display the number of days left until that date. After the date passes, the wiki will display “0”. This is useful for event countdowns like, days to the next merge, days to next release, or days left in a sprint or iteration.

Use the DateCountdown template as follows:


where DATE should be of the form yyyyMMdd. For example,

Days to Firefox 17 release: {{DateCountdown|20121120}}

The output of which is (today only):

Days to Firefox 17 release: 11

For a date that has passed, like the Firefox 16 release date:

Days to Firefox 16 release: {{DateCountdown|20121009}}

The output is:

Days to Firefox 16 release: 0

For live examples, see the platform meeting agenda, where the release management team has used the template to show the days left until the next merge and release. It has similarly been used for the coordination meeting agenda.


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