No More Snappy Meetings and Other Changes from the Snappy Team

I want to summarize a few operational changes coming out of a team discussion during this week’s Snappy work week.

Snappy is a collection of mostly discreet sub-projects. For example, Paulo’s work to make downloads async does not overlap with Benoit’s work on the profiler or Vladan’s work on improving start-up. The changes listed below are based on suggestions from the Snappy team for ways to better support Snappy’s project structure, improve project predictability, and reduce meeting inefficiency.

Project definition and leadership

We are going to be more explicit with our project definitions by listing high level requirements. There is also now a stronger requirement to scope the project. This means spending time thinking through the project before starting to code.

We will also identify the key project team members and a project tech lead.

Project tech lead responsibilities

In addition to providing technical direction for a project, the project tech lead will be responsible for:

  • organizing and running project meetings
  • blogging biweekly about the project

No more Snappy meetings

In an attempt to make better use of our collective time, the Snappy meeting will be cancelled in favour of project specific meetings. The goal is to have shorter meetings that are more on point for the attendees.

Monthly performance program reviews

A new, monthly performance meeting will be established to review quarterly progress and discuss project delays. This meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss new project proposals and review overall performance goals.

Daily updates

Due to the increased time between larger project meetings (monthly instead of biweekly), we will try short, daily updates via IRC. We will experiment with statusbot for managing and logging daily updates and aggregate updates in Benjamin Smedberg’s weekly updates tool. The goal of daily updates is that each team member’s work should be visible. i.e. Managers and tech leads should not need to ask what you are currently doing. Each team member is responsible for pinging statusbot in the #perf channel daily.


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4 Responses to No More Snappy Meetings and Other Changes from the Snappy Team

  1. Can we subscribe to the weekly updates when not a mozillian ?

  2. Yes! To sign up for the weekly updates tool ping me (lmandel) in the Mozilla IRC #perf channel for the spam filter password. Daily updates should already be public and will start after the Snappy work week (this week).

  3. jhall says:

    Would you mind still doing a biweekly “snappy update” an all the smaller things for those of us following at home?

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