Challenge: Take horseplay on the road

Europtimum delivers Totoro

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Europtimum responded to our horse gesture (timeline) with the delivery of a most excellent Totoro. For those of you unfamiliar with Totoro, my understanding is that it is a 1980’s Japanese animated cat. This particular manifestation is a cat like box, which the lovely people over at Europtimum made themselves and filled with an end of week snack consisting of candy necklaces, rockets and super balls. (Despite at least one person having never previously seen a superball, no one ate the superballs.) Needless to say, fun for the whole office.

TotoroMozilla and Europtimum have been having a fair amount of fun. However, our initial connection was simply location based – their office is on the fifth floor in the adjacent building. A small act of kindness to brighten the day of our neighbours has resulted in a wonderful series of back and forth with them that has brought smiles to both of our offices.

This latest bout of kindness got me thinking that it’s time to take horseplay on the road – that is, to spread the fun to others.

Here’s my challenge. Take a look out of your window and pick an office. Figure out who’s over there and then, quite out of the blue, send them a horse related product. (Bonus points for doing it in person!) Let’s see what sort of new relationships will form simply by taking a few minutes out of your day to do something nice for a group of strangers. The horse head that we sent is available on Amazon. Some other fun products might be a lucky horseshoe, a plush animal, or mane and tail.

To kick things off and break the international border, the Mozilla Toronto office has sent a horse head to our Mozilla colleagues in France to celebrate their new Paris office.

A bonne chance!



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