Manager Hacking presents: A Year In the Financial Life of an Average Mozillian

Mozilla Manager Hacking is proud to announce an exciting discussion with our CFO, Jim Cook, on “A Year in the Financial Life of an Average Mozillian”. This interactive discussion is designed to map the daily, monthly, and yearly activities of an average employee to our financial statements. The goal of Jim’s compelling and creative presentation is more on his continuing financial series of bringing an awareness and open dialogue to how we think about Mozilla’s finances. Please come prepared to know more, do more and do better!

Event: Open Financial Discussion: A Year In the Financial Life of an Average Mozillian
Presenters: Jim Cook and Winnie Aoeiong
Date/Time: 11 February 2014 @ 10 – 11a.m. PDT
Location: 10FWD MTV / SF Floor 1 Commons / Tor Commons / YVR Commons / PDX Commons / Lon Commons / Par Salle des Fetes / Air Mozilla
Open to employees and vouched Mozillians


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