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May Open Web Open Mic Toronto: Call for Presenters

What: Mozilla Open Web Open Mic When: May 22, 6-9pm ET. Where: Mozilla Toronto, 366 Adelaide St. W, 5th Floor Mozilla Open Web Open Mic (OWOM) is back for May. Put on by the Mozilla Toronto community, OWOM features a … Continue reading

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Challenge: Take horseplay on the road

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Europtimum responded to our horse gesture (timeline) with the delivery of a most excellent Totoro. For those of you unfamiliar with Totoro, my understanding is that it is a 1980’s Japanese animated … Continue reading

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Building for Mobile Web Compatibility

Last Wednesday’s Open Web Open Mic event at the Mozilla Toronto office was really great. 50-60 people from the Mozilla Toronto community gathered to discuss their projects via a science fair and a series of lightening talks. I had a … Continue reading

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Who are these managers and what do they do?

As the Mozilla project has grown so too has our management structure.  There are a number of people with various manager titles involved in the day-to-day operations of many Mozilla projects. You may know some of these people and have … Continue reading

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No More Snappy Meetings and Other Changes from the Snappy Team

I want to summarize a few operational changes coming out of a team discussion during this week’s Snappy work week. Snappy is a collection of mostly discreet sub-projects. For example, Paulo’s work to make downloads async does not overlap with … Continue reading

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Horsehead Saga Timeline

The Mozilla Toronto office has been horsing around with our neighbours across the way. Johnath wrote up a very nice account of what has transpired over the last few weeks. For those that are following along, I present the Horsehead … Continue reading

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Help wanted: Firefox OS UA detection

Firefox for Android and Firefox OS, while based on the same Gecko platform, have one key difference with respect to compatibility: their user agent (UA) string. The difference between the UA strings for these two products is the inclusion of … Continue reading

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DateCountdown Wikimo Template

Have you ever wanted your wiki page to include an automatically updated countdown of the number of days until some event? Well now you can. I have added a DateCountdown template on that does just this. Using this template … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Compatibility Nov 9, 2012 – Video update, UA detection tools, Phony for B2G?

Video update I gave a short update about mobile Web compatibility during the Oct. 22, 2012, Mozilla project meeting. This update should bring you up-to-speed on the problem and the various initiatives that we have underway to tackle it. The … Continue reading

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Call for Help: Broken Site Deep Dive Investigation

Not too long ago we kicked off an analysis to answer the question, Does aliasing a subset of Webkit CSS properties in Gecko improve mobile Web compatibility? The preliminary results of our small study showed little improvement. The next step … Continue reading

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