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Watch Mike Milinkovich debate the merits of the EPL

The Free and Open Source Learning Centre recently ran a debate about which open source license is best: BSD, EPL, or GPL. I think Mike does a great job of summarizing the merits of the EPL. Check out the video … Continue reading

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Up Next, Free Software and Open Source Symposium

I meant to get this post out much earlier than the night before the event but I think it will still be useful as all of the symposium content is recorded and available online for free from the FSOSS site. … Continue reading

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Another Error Message for the Hall of Fame

I was trying to create a DVD with InterVideo WinDVD Creator V2 (which came bundled with my ThinkPad) this weekend when I was presented with an error dialog. This immediately seemed to me like a candidate for the error message … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dealing with Difficult People

For those of us in technical roles, I think too often skill set becomes equated with technical skill set. The fact is non-technical or soft skill sets are beneficial to people in technical roles. Soft skills involve your ability to … Continue reading

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