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Challenge: Take horseplay on the road

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Europtimum responded to our horse gesture (timeline) with the delivery of a most excellent Totoro. For those of you unfamiliar with Totoro, my understanding is that it is a 1980’s Japanese animated … Continue reading

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Building for Mobile Web Compatibility

Last Wednesday’s Open Web Open Mic event at the Mozilla Toronto office was really great. 50-60 people from the Mozilla Toronto community gathered to discuss their projects via a science fair and a series of lightening talks. I had a … Continue reading

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Who are these managers and what do they do?

As the Mozilla project has grown so too has our management structure.  There are a number of people with various manager titles involved in the day-to-day operations of many Mozilla projects. You may know some of these people and have … Continue reading

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No More Snappy Meetings and Other Changes from the Snappy Team

I want to summarize a few operational changes coming out of a team discussion during this week’s Snappy work week. Snappy is a collection of mostly discreet sub-projects. For example, Paulo’s work to make downloads async does not overlap with … Continue reading

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Horsehead Saga Timeline

The Mozilla Toronto office has been horsing around with our neighbours across the way. Johnath wrote up a very nice account of what has transpired over the last few weeks. For those that are following along, I present the Horsehead … Continue reading

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Help wanted: Firefox OS UA detection

Firefox for Android and Firefox OS, while based on the same Gecko platform, have one key difference with respect to compatibility: their user agent (UA) string. The difference between the UA strings for these two products is the inclusion of … Continue reading

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DateCountdown Wikimo Template

Have you ever wanted your wiki page to include an automatically updated countdown of the number of days until some event? Well now you can. I have added a DateCountdown template on wiki.mozilla.org that does just this. Using this template … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Compatibility Nov 9, 2012 – Video update, UA detection tools, Phony for B2G?

Video update I gave a short update about mobile Web compatibility during the Oct. 22, 2012, Mozilla project meeting. This update should bring you up-to-speed on the problem and the various initiatives that we have underway to tackle it. The … Continue reading

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Call for Help: Broken Site Deep Dive Investigation

Not too long ago we kicked off an analysis to answer the question, Does aliasing a subset of Webkit CSS properties in Gecko improve mobile Web compatibility? The preliminary results of our small study showed little improvement. The next step … Continue reading

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Come Test the Mobile Web! Tues Oct 23, 2012 – 12pm PT

To support our mobile Web compatibility evangelism efforts, we need to understand the top site issues. Come out tomorrow at 12pm PT to test the mobile Web and report issues. No experience necessary. We’ll help you get your test environment … Continue reading

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