Mobile Web Compatibility Oct 12, 2012 – Issue Tracking, Brightcove H.264, Firefox OS UA Whitelist

Site testing and outreach

Firefox mobile evangelism issues are currently tracked in the Firefox for Android -> Evangelism component in Bugzilla. However, there is another notable mobile Firefox platform: Firefox OS. In addition, there exists a Tech Evangelism product in Bugzilla, where several mobile evangelism issues have been filed. In order to consolidate our effort, a new Tech Evanglism -> Mobile component has been created. Evangelism bugs should be filed in this component. In addition, when filing a bug, please set the OS field to Android, Gonk (for Firefox OS), or All for issues with both platforms.

Brightcove served H.264 encoded media was failing to play in Firefox for Android. The source was determined to be a bug in the Gecko video element’s canPlayType function (bug 794171). This fix will be in today’s Firefox Nightly builds. This fix has also received approval for Firefox Aurora and Beta and should land there shortly.

Bug 40919 was filed against Wikipedia to recognize Firefox OS as a mobile browser.

Firefox OS user agent whitelist

As I wrote last week, a whitelist mechanism has been added to override the Firefox OS user agent (UA) on a per site basis. The introduction of this whitelist is a mitigation strategy to deal with sites that do not send mobile content to this platform. After discussion on the mailing lists and in Bugzilla, Gerv Markham has published the policy for adding sites to this list.


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