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DateCountdown Wikimo Template

Have you ever wanted your wiki page to include an automatically updated countdown of the number of days until some event? Well now you can. I have added a DateCountdown template on wiki.mozilla.org that does just this. Using this template … Continue reading

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Bugzilla wikimo integration reenabled

As I reported yesterday, the Bugzilla wikimo extension had to be temporarily disabled as it was affecting the reliability and availability of Bugzilla and wikimo. While the extension has query caching built in, we discovered that caching was disabled on … Continue reading

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Bugzilla wikimo integration temporarily disabled

It seems that the pent up demand for the Bugzilla wikimo integration (aka mediawiki-bugzilla) was MUCH greater than we anticipated. In less than a week, use of this extension has grown to the point where it is affecting the reliability … Continue reading

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Embed Bugzilla data in wikimo pages

[Update] I had previously linked to Christian Legnitto’s personal github repo. The correct canonical github repo is https://github.com/mozilla/mediawiki-bugzilla. I’m excited, nay thrilled, to announce that you can now embed Bugzilla data in wiki pages on wiki.mozilla.org via the mediawiki-bugzilla extension. … Continue reading

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