Mozilla Engineering Meeting Update

It has been roughly 6 months since the Engineering meeting reboot. As I previously wrote, I consider the Engineering Meeting a work in progress. As such, I have made a few additional changes to the meeting during this time that I wanted to mention for those people who do not regularly attend the meeting.

  1. Air Mozilla: Don’t want to install Vidyo? Can’t attend at 11am PT? No problem. In addition to our standard Vidyo feed, the Engineering meeting is now broadcast live and archived on Air Mozilla.
  2. IRC Logs: A frequent request is better minutes that capture what happened at the meeting. In response, the minutes now include the #planning irc log from the meeting to record the online discussion. For an example, see this week’s minutes.
  3. Friends of the Tree: Want to know about our volunteer contributions? Josh Matthews now updates the minutes with a list of volunteers who have made a technical contribution to Mozilla’s products in the last week. For an example, see this week’s minutes.

Have additional ideas to improve the meeting? Please post to dev-platform, comment on this post, or get in touch with me privately.


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7 Responses to Mozilla Engineering Meeting Update

  1. Larissa says:

    I 100% love these changes and hope we can instill some of them (especially sharing the contributors at the Monday meeting, though the AirMo idea for key meetings, too) in additional meetings around the project. I’m not a super regular attendee at this meeting but the times I have come, it has seemed to be evolving in very useful ways. I like the #IRC log idea too… is that automated or do you just grab it? I think we could use that for Grow Mozilla for one (actually the Monday project meeting sometimes has a good #IRC discussion too).

    Thanks for being an inclusive process thought-leader as usual.

  2. I find the read-only sections of the meeting a little frustrating because, even though I attend the meeting, I still need to read the meeting notes. Ironically, people who only attend the meeting are less informed than those who only read the meeting notes. 🙂 That is not necessarily a bad thing, but the meeting should provide some extra value to justify itself.

    • Interesting thought Chris. My original intention was to hear from every team every week. This hasn’t happened despite my pushing for more regular audible updates. I will add that I was intentionally trying to have the notes reflect the content of the meeting as much as possible. In this way the meeting is just a different delivery mechanism for the same information.

      I am definitely open to any ideas about how to provide that extra value in the meeting.

  3. Mats says:

    About the IRC log – the server messages about who joined/left the channel isn’t very useful, can you exclude those please? (IRC clients usually have an option for that). Also, the long lines are clipped and not readable; you can fix that with white-space:pre-wrap on the PRE element.

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