Building for Mobile Web Compatibility

Last Wednesday’s Open Web Open Mic event at the Mozilla Toronto office was really great. 50-60 people from the Mozilla Toronto community gathered to discuss their projects via a science fair and a series of lightening talks. I had a good conversation about WebVTT with a group of Seneca students, learned about the upcoming Mini Maker Faire Toronto from Jenn Dodd, and discussed the use of What Can I Do For Mozilla for non coding work with Josh Matthews.

As this was an Open Web event, I took the opportunity to talk about Building for Mobile Web Compatibility.

Building for Mobile Web Compatibility title slide

The takeaways from this presentation are AVOID:

  • User Agent (UA) Detection
  • CSS Vendor Prefixes
  • Browser Specific Property/Feature Usage

Instead, PREFER:

  • Feature Detection and Media Queries
  • Web Standards

If you would like to see more, I have posted my slides on

Thank you to everyone who came out to this event and especially to Majken ‘Kensie’ Connor for pulling us all together.


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  1. Lawrence, does your definition of mobile web compatibility extend to devices that don’t support media queries and feature detection?

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