Mobile Web Compatibility Nov 9, 2012 – Video update, UA detection tools, Phony for B2G?

Video update

I gave a short update about mobile Web compatibility during the Oct. 22, 2012, Mozilla project meeting. This update should bring you up-to-speed on the problem and the various initiatives that we have underway to tackle it. The video is available via Air Mozilla (skip to 4:00).

Help wanted: deep dive investigation

Are you a Web dev? We need your help deep dive testing a short list of sites. The goal of this exercise is to understand why after spoofing the user agent and aliasing Webkit prefixed CSS properties these sites are still broken. Details and the site list are in my post Call for Help: Broken Site Deep Dive Investigation.

Phony functionality in B2G

To better support mobile Web compatibility testing on B2G, we need Phony type functionality to switch the user agent. I have started a discussion on the dev-b2g list and filed bug 810075. If you have ideas or can help with the implementation, please comment.

Site testing and outreach

Over the past couple of week I have spoken with Categorizr,, and WURFL, all user agent detection tools/frameworks. Categorizr and 51degrees correctly identify Firefox for Android mobile + tablet and Firefox OS. I am working to provide WURFL with an update as well.

Joe Drew spoke with, who will start recognizing Firefox OS shortly.

Facebook has fixed their drop-downs for Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications (bug 715515).

Jason Smith and I held a test event in the Mozilla Mountain View office and on Air Mozilla on Oct. 23. Test results were submitted for 45 additional sites. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Want more debugging tools for Firefox for Android? Mark Finkle blogged about the new remote console for Firefox for Android.

Interested in helping with site testing and evangelism? See Gerv Markham’s blog post Website Evangelism: Mobilizing Mozilla.


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